Kenome Security is where your security concerns are our priority. We have successfully developed security systems, trained our security guards to help secure your business premises, assets or other valuables while maintaining  professionalism.

We understand that you are in need of reliable trained guards that are able to carry out their duties in a professional way and still create good customer relations with your incoming guests. And that is why we have recruited security guards that have gone through great training to ensure that they are up to expected tasks. The security guards who are healthy, physically fit and well groomed in our uniforms can offer a variety of skills from general guarding to specialised security roles. They are able to remain professional as well while interacting with customers, colleagues and other staff.

Our business has an outstanding team of specialised systems engineers dealing with CCTVs, Biometric, Swipe or Proximity Access Control, Intruder Alarm Systems, Perimeter Security Systems that helps monitor potential threats and increase overall company’s productivity by ensuring your staffs feel safe at their workplace. Our staff is trained to act professionally on your behalf when there is need to respond to alarm systems or any other security incidents.

Having our professional staff also means that you can trust us to do other tasks for you like collections and deliveries, carrying out your banking services and other business errands while still being entrusted with your cash or valuables.

Kenome Security is committed to provide quality services by combining good security measures and professional customer focused staff.  We put our total dedication to ensuring that our clients are able to work efficiently without worrying about security.


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