Concierge & customer service

Investing in good customer support ensures that your clients are treated with dignity to create customer loyalty base. Customer satisfaction is linked to repeat purchases and that is why we believe that a good customer service representative is the pillar of your business growth. This will also create a positive working environment among your staff since satisfied customers motivates the staff to be more competent.

Whether you are in need of short term or long term customer service representatives, we are able to outsource our services to you. We understand that you may need someone to do some day errands for you or have someone represent your business at your work premises. We provide uniformed and non-uniformed staff to accomplish your needs depending on your expectations.

Kenome security is a combination of sharp minds, warm hearts and advanced technology. We have hired staffs that are welcoming, well-mannered and professional. Our customer service staffs are passionate in their field of work with a great service minded attitude. They are team players who can work hand in hand to deliver quality results for your business. Trained to have a positive attitude, they are able to deliver good outcomes, according to your operating procedures and continuous improvement where needed. In addition, they have good communication and time management skills, are attentive to details and have an attitude and willingness to learn