Mobile Patrol & Alarm Response

Your safety is our concern, and we undertake security measures to ensure this is achieved. In addition to that, we offer quick professional response to your business in case of any emergency. To achieve this;

  • We offer a cost effective guarding experience within your budget to ensure you have a safe workplace.
  • To minimize on theft and vandalism, we conduct constant check inside the building and all-round the perimeter for any suspicious occurrence of events.
  • The presence of our team in Kenome Security uniforms plays a big role to ensure that we are thoroughly visible and create fear to any person who may have thoughts of conducting a crime.
  • In the event of alarm activation, whether false or genuine, we shall avail ourselves to the business premises and deal with the issue. We undertake steps to re-ensure security is top notch and keep you up-to-date at all times.
  • Our security team is well trained in emergency response procedures to ensure that people are safe and liaise with the authorities for further investigations.