Security Officer (Manned Guarding

Prior to hiring personnel, we conduct assessment exercise to ensure that individuals who enroll for training are healthy, disciplined, hold no criminal records and are within the working age limit. We use a range of training techniques in our training ground on our security team, including experimental activities, body training and coaching our team to suit them for their roles. Kenome Security analyzes the clients’ security requirements and proposes guards who are relevant for the job, effective and practical. This ensures that you get a comprehensive team to keep your premises, staff and customers in a safe environment.

The security teams that our clients get are;

  • Physically fit with security management skills.
  • Well groomed and in full security uniforms.
  • Highly dependable and good time keepers.
  • Professional and well-mannered to receive incoming guests.
  • Quick responders to emergencies and threats.
  • Able to issue reports when expected.

The guards are in charge of patrolling round the premises, monitoring surveillance equipment’s, inspecting and permitting entry to the business. Your company’s assets relevant to theft, assault, fire and any other safety concern will be handled well by our team to prevent damages to your business. The teams operate in your company’s standards and adhere to expected legal requirements. We believe that we have recruited qualified, capable and well-presented staff and ensured they received the best possible training. Reach out to us if you have any special security guards requests or have any security concerns and we shall work together to meet your demands.