Security Systems

Behind every effective and efficient security program, lies a good information and management system. When choosing suitable security technology solutions for our clients, we first access their needs. Thereafter we design, source and install the system. By having a good system in place not only minimizes the risk of theft but also increases staff productivity once they feel their working environment is safe.

At Kenome, we supply and install turnkey security solutions to commercial facilities, office buildings, home premises and government facilities. We strive to deploy CCTV cameras that are durable and cover all around the needed area. They also have a good image quality that can be used for reference purposes in case of property damages, work place violence and vandalism.

We also deploy biometric systems in facilities. Having advanced security measures like this ensures that you have full records of people walking in and out of your business. You are able to limit access to certain areas, like the cash and valuable sections, to authorized persons only.

Other systems in place are intruder alarm systems and Perimeter security systems to alert you about any attempted breakages at business entry points. It’s a loud mechanism system that scares away intruders. In addition, our trained security guards compliment the systems by responding and eliminating the threat to safeguard the assets.

Get the best protection for your offices, warehouse or other commercial premises by contacting Kenome Security today for a comprehensive study of your business and customized security systems for you.